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Updated: Jan 12

What a year it has been! As the pandemic swept the world, the industry that was profoundly affected was the non-profit sector. The economic downturn and the subsequent job loss have resulted in less disposable income, that so many channel towards their favourite charities. Furthermore, all mass-participation events, that the charities are so reliant on for fundraising, have been cancelled.

Such an event was the 2020 NYC Marathon that I was due to run for Spinal Research. After three months of gruelling training, strict nutritional regimen and hundreds of miles, the cancellation was a tough pill to swallow. However, as the world is slowly unlocking and long-distance races are back on the card, I'm kicking my running season off with the Reading Half Marathon.

As previously, our charity partner is Spinal Research. Spinal Cord Injury causes paralysis of the muscles, loss of sensations, limits bladder and bowel control, sexual performance and affects blood pressure. Spinal Research is the UK’s leading charity funding medical research around the world to develop effective treatments. Over the years, we've raised over £7,500 towards spinal cord research and it is a cause that we hold dear to our hearts.

Our fundraising target is £1,500, which we are confident of achieving with the help of our wonderful supporters and donors. I thank you for taking interest in this project and I hope you will consider donating. Even a small amount goes a long way, when it comes to funding vital research. You can DONATE HERE.

Thank you!

Sanzhar Abishev


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