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Braving the London Marathon for a Good Cause.

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

On the 22nd of April, Sanzhar has run the hottest ever Virgin Money London Marathon on record. Under the scorching sun, he managed to complete the 42.2 km route in a respectable 04:45:36. In his true competitive spirit, he has vowed to beat his time by 1 hour, next year - a great personal target.

Sanzhar, however, has not only ran for personal reasons. Through his charity page, he has managed to raise a staggering £6,000, for the Honeypot Children's Charity. Since 1996 Honeypot has been working to enhance the lives of young carers and vulnerable children aged 5 - 12 years old. The money raised, is enough to sponsor 11 children for the whole year. It is a wonderful achievement, that we are utmost proud of. 

"Running for Honeypot has been a humbling experience and one that provided a feeling of true gratification. Honeypot is a wonderful charity and I look forward to supporting them, through fundraising activities such as this one, in years to come. I'd like to extend my gratitude to all the friends and partners, who have supported me." - Sanzhar Abishev

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